Just before 2020 is over, we want to take this opportunity to summarise our activities over this year.

Note — this article is primarily intended as our record, as well as for the eyes of potential investors. The information below may be a bit dry for fans.

This year has been challenging, for a variety of reasons, not least the COVID-19 pandemic. Working in this background has been difficult, but we feel we achieved much despite those setbacks.

As we started 2020, we had only just finished the prototype of Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Chapter III’s race sequences, along with…

ITCH.IO, DECEMBER 16th 2020 — Tanuki-sama Studios’ Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, the first part of the NALE game series, has passed 100 user reviews while maintaining a 5-star user rating.

“This milestone represents the goodwill that NALE’s fans have shown the game’s first chapter since its release,” creator Ethan Fox has said. “It’s really humbling to see the reviews as they’ve come in.”

NALE Chapter 1 also has a >4-star rating on Newgrounds, as well as 5-star ratings for its second and third chapters at time of writing.

About Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle is a successful series of anime-themed Visual Novel/Graphic…

NEWGROUNDS, 7th December 2020 — Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle’s free first chapter has been recognised in the site’s list of best games of November 2020:


This recognition, voted for by a subset of the site’s community, picked out NALE’s first chapter from a field of ~25 titles.

The position carries with it a prize of $100. Given the proximity to Christmas, the 2020 pandemic’s stark reminder of the value of videogames in peoples’ lives, and that this was an unexpected windfall, TSS have chosen to donate this money to SpecialEffect.

NALE’s first chapter, which had previously only been playable on…

Hi everyone! Ethan here, at the newly formed Tanuki-sama Studios! (more about that in a bit!)

With the release of Chapter III now firmly in the rear view mirror, and as a whole new wave of people discover Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, I thought it was a good time to talk to y’all about the future: where NALE is going and what that future holds for us.

Chapter 3’s launch & our recent accomplishments

Chapter 3 launched on November 6th, 2020, and has already outpaced our expectations. The downloads are already in the hundreds, reviews sit at near-5-stars and the game has been the top seller in…

TSS wants players to be able to trust the testimonials and reviews that are posted about their titles.

To this end, we holds ourselves to a high standard regarding review ethics.

No review incentives

TSS does not incentivise players for reviews, nor do we provide reviews for paid/gift-based incentives; please do not get in contact with enquiries of this nature, as they will be flatly refused.

Provision of review codes & copies

TSS will, at times, provide free codes to reviewers, let’s-players & streamers with the intent that the recipients will produce some kind of review, stream or content (though this is just a verbal, non-binding agreement).

In the…

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